The TIME Project

What is the TIME Project?
The Integrative health-care Model development and Evaluation (TIME) project is a three-phase (seven-stage) study that aims to develop and evaluate a theoretically-grounded integrative health care (IHC) service delivery model for primary care, which is (1) cognisant of health consumer, health provider and key-stakeholder needs, (2) is supported by the best available evidence, and (3) is applicable to the Australian health-care setting. The figure below outlines the seven stages of the project.
Why is the TIME Project being conducted?
Interest in the integrative health care approach has escalated over the past few decades, leading to a growth in the number of integrative health care centres, practitioners, associations, publications and training programs across the globe.
Despite the growth in integrative health care, there remains some uncertainty about the effectiveness, suitability and acceptability of the approach. It is also unclear how integrative health care should be administered, especially from a consumer or multi-provider viewpoint. The TIME project serves to address these gaps; this will help inform the delivery of safe, effective and coordinated primary care for Australians.